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All around us, the world is changing. Not just on a gross level, but on a very minute level too. From moment to moment, our cells die and are born, our thoughts arise and dissipate. I am new to this business of art, I am changing every day in that respect too. I have aspirations of various natures in my work, from a genuine desire to inspire others to action, explore the working of our minds through metaphor, and to join in bringing the tradition of visual storytelling back into popular art. But these goals are temporal, fleeting. Perhaps they will stay with me for a few weeks, months, or years. But as with everything else, they too are impermanent and will change.
This law of impermanence has given me another intention, one that runs parallel to everything else I do. To explore my ability to work with change, a test to see whether I can continue my artistic journey with no fixation toward a particular result, to allow life to intervene at its own discretion and be open to facing all possible directions with equal courage. For myself, personally, this is the ultimate freedom — not to choose what I desire and obtain it, but rather to be free from the need to obtain anything at all, and be open to every experience my art allows me to interract with.

This is my view right now. But that, of course, is subject to change too.


11:51 PM : 22 December 2008
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